Testing clang 3.7.0 OpenMP support

Soon after llvm 3.7.0 reached the Gentoo tree, Jeremi Piotrowski opened two bugs to fix OpenMP support in our ebuilds. sys-devel/llvm-3.7.0-r1 (a revision bump that also now installs LLVM utilities) now has a post-install message with a short recap, but here is the blog version.

As detailed in upstream release notes, OpenMP in clang is disabled by default (and I kept this default in the Gentoo package), and the runtime is a separate package. So:

  • emerge¬†sys-libs/libomp
  • add “-fopenmp=libomp” in your CFLAGS
  • check with a sample program like:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <omp.h>

int main() {
#pragma omp parallel
    printf("Hello from thread %d, nthreads %d\n", omp_get_thread_num(), omp_get_num_threads());
  • You should get multiple lines on STDOUT (default threads count is one per CPU):
% clang -fopenmp=libomp test_omp.c -o test_omp
% OMP_NUM_THREADS=6 ./test_omp
Hello from thread 4, nthreads 6
Hello from thread 5, nthreads 6
Hello from thread 1, nthreads 6
Hello from thread 3, nthreads 6
Hello from thread 0, nthreads 6
Hello from thread 2, nthreads 6

Some additional reading: