Etoile 0.4 – coming soon! Window Maker 0.92.1 too :)

If you wander by the Etoile web site, you’ll see that Etoile 0.4 is right around the corner! Initial mail for this version detailed that “the focus for 0.4 will be frameworks, developer tools, example apps, and documentation”. So the “stable” packages list will be shorter than old 0.2 release. But don’t despair, you’ll still get updated packages, including camaelon (GNUstep theming engine)

As for ebuilds availability… I’ll update the ebuilds already in portage soon after the official release (camaelon, popplerkit, …). The Etoile ebuilds in the gnustep overlay will come later (first cause of delay will be additional requirement on LLVM, which is not in portage for now)

On the releases news front, the guys behind the Window Maker revival have made some progress too: a git repository is up, people chat on #windowmaker (Freenode), and a new bugfix release should come quickly (this will clean up the patchet currently in use in the ebuild!). After that, new features? We’ll see!