Time does fly by

The LDAP infos on Gentoo dev server confirm it:

gentooJoin: 2007/03/13

So it’s been a year since I officialy joined Gentoo developers, after discovering gentoo, the forums, trying n amd64 installation with a 2004.3 CD, harassing bugzilla (and giving jakub some work) for some time… 😉

NX does not take much of my time anymore, mostly revision bumps. I still need to write some documentation on this great piece of software (oh and add ebuilds to portage for qtnx, an open-source client I mentioned earlier).

After some work and eclass rewrite, GNUstep in Gentoo is in a much better shape: a few bugs are still opened, but most of the packages work fine now.

What’s been great so far? Well most importantly: the Gentoo people. And I mean both developers and users. Developers with their knowledge, motivation, counseling, … Users that report problems, fill bugs, help other users (forums, IRC), …

Ok now happy Gentoo birthday me, and back to work 😉