Extreme Tux Racer: tuxracer is back!

Aaah tuxracer… This game was a fine example of what linux could do in 3D gaming for some time (and one of the reasons I struggled some years ago to get 3d acceleration on my linux box). For those who never tried it, it’s a 3d race game, where you control Tux as he slides down a course of snow and ice, while collecting herring. Read more about it and the game history at wikipedia: in short, the first game changed from GPL to closed-source, a fork was launched from the last GPL code, another one (ppracer) was started when the first died,…

ppracer is still in portage, but sadly it is also a dead project now. Luckily, some people have picked it up (again), and have released their first version! 🙂 This new tuxracer is called “Extreme Tux Racer”

Their homepage is here, and they even kindly provide ebuilds for their first release! For now it’s not that different from ppracer, but let’s wish them luck and lots of new features 😉 (hum… multiplayer tuxracer…)

2 thoughts on “Extreme Tux Racer: tuxracer is back!”

  1. I’m not really bothered but how were they allowed to change it from GPL to closed source?

  2. The GPL allows relicensing, if all developers (code owners) agree to it (of course, previously GPL-released code stays GPL).

    Tuxracer devs were not many (3 I think), with almost none external code contributions (which were removed for closed-source 1.0), so they could do it

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