Introducing the gnustep overlay

As promised, an overlay is now available if you want to try updated GNUstep packages. You can find it here, with a few update notes, overlay goals, … Enjoy and/or good luck!

# cd /usr/local # svn co portage # echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage"' >> /etc/make.conf 

What do you get with it?
For now, it’s mostly behind-the-ebuild work (the new eclass is a LOT shorter, as is the gnustep-make ebuild), but there is also the latest version of the gnustep base packages, and version bumps for gworkspace and gorm, the new cairo backend (still experimental, there are still some rendering problems), …

And now, on my way to a 4-days long week-end with friends 🙂