New Gentoo developer

Hi all!

Thanks to my mentor genstef, I am now a Gentoo developer. For now, I will be working on the NX-related packages in Gentoo.

If you never used it, NX technology allows you to enjoy a full remote desktop (KDE/Gnome/…) even over high latency, low bandwidth links. There is a good techical presentation here by NoMachine (the company that developed the NX protocol).

If you use it, well there already are some updated ebuilds in the NX overlay, whil will progressively get into Portage. What’s on the agenda?

  • Close bugs, clean up old versions, …
  • Bump NX libraries to 2.1 (current version is 1.5 only)
  • Add FreeNX (the GPL server) 0.6 release
  • Add ~amd64 support (thanks mulitlib)

That’s for the near future, other features are still under development (nomachine’s free edition server, native amd64 nx server, 2X server/client, …)