New job and new blog category

Sorry blog, this announcement comes late for you (I updated sites like Linkedin some time ago), but better late than never!

I got myself a new job in May, joining the Red Hat software developers working on OpenStack. More specifically, I will work mostly on the network parts: Neutron itself (the “networking as a service” main project), but also other related projects like Octavia (load balancer), image building, and more recently Service Function Chaining.

Working upstream on these projects, I plan to write some posts about them, which will be regrouped in a new OpenStack category. I am not sure yet about the format (short popularisation items and tutorials, long advanced technical topics, a mix of both, …), we will see. In all cases, I hope it will be of interest to some people 🙂

PS for Gentoo Universe readers: don’t worry, that does not mean I will switch all my Linux boxes to RHEL/CentOS/Fedora! I still have enough free time to work on Gentoo