New open-source NX client under development

Some days ago, George Wright announced on #nx that he just had committed a new qtnx, based on the nxcl libs. Qtnx is an open-source Qt-based NX client, and it looks like development on it is rolling again 🙂 It is now based on nxcl, developed by Seb James.

In fact, George is now working for a company on a NX server (and client), their web site is The client is GPL-2, and should support most NX features (including 3.0 shadowing). Of course it is still under heavy development, but you can find them as -9999 SVN ebuilds in the NX overlay. Just run:

# layman -a nx # emerge -av qtnx 

I hope this one will soon join nxclient (binary-only, but latest NX features) and nxclient-2xterminalserver (GPLed NX 1.5 version) in portage

Btw, the ebuild is currently marked x86, as these are the arches I test NX on. Drop me a line if it works on ppc (it should) or other arches

Gnustep unstable packages added to portage

Even if these packages are marked unstable, they do have some fixes (and the stable release is getting old). Some gnustep packages now need them in their latest versions (including gorm). So they’re now available in portage (moved from the gnustep overlay), under package.mask. Be warned though that upgrading to the unstable release means recompiling every one of your gnustep packages (revdep-rebuild is your friend). A few packages had to be fixed to work with new gnustep-gui, don’t hesitate to report if something does not work

The pieces to unmask are currently:

# Bernard Cafarelli < (09 Jan 2008) # Mask unstable gnustep and packages depending on it >=gnustep-base/gnustep-back-art-0.13.0 >=gnustep-base/gnustep-back-cairo-0.13.0 >=gnustep-base/gnustep-back-xlib-0.13.0 >=gnustep-base/gnustep-base-1.15.1 >=gnustep-base/gnustep-gui-0.13.0 >=virtual/gnustep-back-0.13.0 >=gnustep-apps/gorm-1.2.2 >=gnustep-apps/simpleagenda-0.33 

If you want to try the Cairo backend, this could be the right time (the unstable release works quite fine)

This brings Gentoo packages on par with the latest Gnustep Startup, have fun!