Bye bye vmware, hello virtualbox!

When I got my new desktop box some months ago, I got motivated enough to install the “other OS” I got with it in a vmware image (vmware workstation with test license first, then vmware server/client thingy when it expired 😉 ).

Now virtualbox provides an interesting alternative: good performance, works natively on amd64, can read vmware images, GPL edition available, …

The binary edition provides remote desktop, usb support and shared folders, but I can live without them, so that’s one less 32bit closed-source program on my box!

“Updating” the image from vmware to virtualbox took some time though. If you want to try it: this page is a must-read: How to migrate existing Windows installations to VirtualBox. All steps were needed, plus reactivation of the OS, as the ‘hardware’ changed a lot

Now waiting for openJDK and gnash (java and flash) to pimp up firefox and dump nspluginwrapper (nice temp solution, but tends to crash a LOT)

One thought on “Bye bye vmware, hello virtualbox!”

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