2X terminal server

Now that freenx and NoMachine’s free edition are in portage and working quite well, I’ve been working on getting 2X terminal server (and client) in portage. Those using the NX overlay may have already tried it 😉 The TODO list for it is now almost empty, so you should see it appear in your favourite /usr/portage soon.

It’s always nice to have upstream around on IRC when you work on new packages 🙂 You can thank 2X, the source tarballs are much smaller now. The client works on both (native) amd64 and x86, sadly the server only works on x86 for now (well in fact it’s only nxagent, but as it’s a critical part…)

On a side note, I bumped net-misc/freenet6, one of the IPv6 tunnel brokers. If you want to see the dancing kame or participate in the great IPv6 experiment (if this one helps IPv6 deploiement, I may start feeling depressed about humanity though)

2 thoughts on “2X terminal server”

  1. You can find some infos here on the differences between both. To sum it up, 2X (for now) is a fully GPLed source from Nomachine 1.5 server (and client!) code.

    One of the advantages is a natively compiled client on amd64, on the server side, you get the same server as Nomachine 1.5 servers

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